Edmonds Petanque goes to France

Former World Champion and current French National Team coach Alain Bideau addresses Edmonds Petanque club members in Nice, France

September in the French Riviera is the perfect time to visit and play Petanque, as 14 members of the Edmonds Petanque Club found out in the pleasant sunshine on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Daniel Olivieri, President de l ‘Entente des Sociétés Nicoises de Petanque et Jeu Provencal, was the host for the week. He welcomed the Americans and provided the opportunity for both American and French to play the game of petanque.

From a young age, French kids learn to play petanque. Different venues provided enjoyable games and helped to create warm friendships with local players.

The Edmonds Petanque Club members played games in Nice at Clos Bouliste René Pietruschi and at the AB Carras Club. American teams played French teams, and often the French and Americans players participated together.

In Monaco, at the Club Bouliste Monegasque, the courts on the rooftop of a building overlooking the Mediterranean Sea were spectacular. In addition to the warm welcome and different places to play, Daniel Olivieri and the clubs provided food and fellowship for the devotees of petanque from both countries.

The welcoming spirit of the French hosts provided a unique and exceptional experience for the Edmonds group. A special workshop with Alain Bideau, former world champion and now coach of the French team, was organized.

It was a great honor to have instruction from a master player. The skills and techniques learned will be shared and practiced in Edmonds.

At a tournament in Nice, La Nicoise, Nuit de la Petanque by the border of the Mediterranean Sea, Nice City officials presented to Michelle Martin, President of the Edmonds Petanque Club, the City Medaillon. Also, Bideau presented the medaillon of the Federation Francaise de Petanque et Jeu Provencal. Gifts were exchanged and a tasty dinner was served. It was a special Franco-American evening brought by the game of petanque.

The Nice players were invited to play petanque and a tournament in the new petanque grove at Civic Field in Edmonds. The reciprocal visit invitation was well received, and planning will begin after the new park is completed.

This article authored by Mike Martin

Petanque in Los Angeles

You may enjoy watching this short YouTube video (in French with some English) about the Petanque Club of Los Angeles. It is a fun film, and as you watch, you will probably have fun finding parallels with the Edmonds Petanque Club. Who is the Michelle Martin of LA? Where in the world do all of us petanque players come from? Is there truth to the notion of “petanque addiction”? And just what are those connections between French culture and petanque? The chance to argue about who has the point? The chance to win a prize bottle of wine after a tournament? Or the simple pleasure of spending a beautiful day with friends in the sun?

Take a look at the video and enjoy. Then, see you at the courts!

Santa Susanna Spain

International Test for Edmonds Petanque

During the first week of October, members of the Edmonds Petanque Club tested their petanque skills against an array of teams competing in the Santa Susanna International Open Petanque Tournament held in Santa Susanna, Spain. In all, 15 Edmonds players, comprising five teams, faced off against expert competition from France, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Israel, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic.

The level of play was expert, particularly among players from France and Israel, but the Edmonds players did their best, and all Edmonds teams won matches during the four-day competition. In the end, none of the Edmonds teams stood on the final podium to collect tournament honors, but all who took part felt they had learned a great deal and had made an impression on the other international players with their petanque skills and expressions of friendship.

Against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea and the lush hills of Catalonia, the days spent in Spain will serve as a valuable experience for the Edmonds club members as they continue to hone their petanque skills on the shores of Puget Sound. One Frenchman remarked, “Petanque in the United States…this is curious!” In response an Edmonds team member agreed that the sport is not nearly as widely known in America as it is in Europe but then explained that petanque is growing in popularity across the United States, and that even the club in the City of Edmonds now counts 80 members on its roster. His new French friend was impressed!


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