Petanque Players WhatsApp Group

Join and use the Petanque Players group on WhatsApp:

  • Members arrange times to play outside of regular Club Play times and communicate about club activities with each other using the  the Petanque Players group on WhatsApp, a popular messaging application for mobile phones and other devices.
  • New members are invited by EPC to join the group once they become active. 
  • Any member not part of the group can request that they be added to the group at any time. 
  • Any members wishing to be removed from the group can request so at any time (or simply exit the group from within the WhatsApp application). 


To join:

  • EPC sends a text message to each new member’s mobile phone, inviting them to join the Petanque Players group.
  • If you already have the WhatsApp application on your phone, simply accept the invitation to join the group. 
  • If you don’t have the WhatsApp application, the link will connect you to a two step process, in which you: 
    1. download the WhatsApp application
    2. accept the invitation to join the Edmonds Petanque group.


Tips and guidelines for using the Petanque Players WhatsApp group:

  • If you have questions about how to use WhatsApp, contact EPC or ask another member to show you how to use it.
  • Focus communication on EPC activities
  • Remember that messages to the group are visible to all members of the group. Messages may be copied and forwarded to others.
  • Be brief and clear
  • Always be courteous and kind
  • Note you can send messages to one or a few people separately – ask for help and look online to learn how to do this if you need to.