RESULTS League 2023

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Every week the scores will be posted here, so you can keep track of your games. If you want to know who’s ahead and which one has a target on the back, here’s the place to land.

See League Schedule here.


  1. Ro Verdeja + Jeanna Holtz
  2. Ron LaRue + Bill Laprade
  3. Paul Dever + Mari Dever
  4. Michelle Martin + Rich Tribiano
  5. Cris Dreher + Howard Heflin
  6. Jennifer Robertson +Pam Knight
  7. David Rockwell + Jacques Maussenet
  8. Mike Martin + Larry Thomas
  9. Jack McHenry + Brien Meilleur
  10. Leon LOUIS-JEUNE + Richard Majer
  11. Sam Shanshory + Joan Poor

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