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Ask the Umpire #8

Greetings Paytonk-a-donkers. Welcome to Edition #8 of "Ask the Umpire". Our repartee has been missed. Our dear friend Lolli asks the following questions:(Q1) What are the consequences if a player is out of the circle before the boule hits [the ground]? Obviously his...

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Ask the Umpire #7

TOPICS: What happens when a team mistakenly picks up a boule, before the opponents had finished making all of their throws? Two boules are equidistant from the jack, which had been moved during play? A boule distant from the jack is moved inadvertently during a measurement?

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Ask the Umpire #6

TOPICS: What happens when a player moves a boule or the jack while measuring? When and how far may a team move the circle back before throwing out the jack for the next end? If the jack is too short, may the other team move the circle backwards before placing the jack...

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Ask the Umpire #5

TOPICS: How close may the jack be to the end line? How close may the jack be from another jack that is in play by teams in another game? What are the rules governing when and how a team may move the circle? Greetings Boulers & Boulerinas,No readers have sent any...

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Ask the Umpire #4

TOPICS: Where should unplayed boules be placed on the court? Is it ok for a player to hold boules that have not been played in a pocket? Hello Everyone,The daylight duration is lengthening. Isn't that GREAT?!Just one question was submitted from our gentle readers this...

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EPC Etiquette Guidelines

The Edmonds Petanque Club welcomes everyone who wishes to play the game of petanque. We strive to be friendly and inclusive and to accommodate both casual and competitive players. The club's etiquette guidelines were drafted in 2021 by a committee of club members...

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Ask the Umpire #3

TOPICS: Where can a player stand while his or her partner is throwing? Is it legal to use one's foot to point out the target for a boule about to be thrown? Can a partner stand by the jack showing a target even while a teammate is throwing? Greetings Friends, A...

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