On Saturday, April 20, the Edmonds Petanque Club held its first-ever Pro-Am Tournament, and things could not have gone better! The event was designed to allow veteran players and newer members of the club to get to know each other during a day of fun petanque. After registration, 18 “amateurs” (defined as members with less boule experience who have joined in the last two years) were randomly paired with 18 “professionals” (“pro” salary figures were not divulged: these were players with more than two years in the club as well as new members with deeper experience). Nancy and David Rockwell provided all the logistical support needed to run the show.

David and Nancy Rockwell and Jan Pruatt worked hard off the courts to produce a fun day of petanque for everyone.

The courts were packed. Here Simone Mercer and Mike Martin roll against Doug Lockhart and Leslye Bergan

The resulting 18 teams played a series of four games, two in the morning and two after lunch. The winners at the end of the day were those teams with the most wins and the highest point differentials from all four games. As it turns out, a substitute player was needed at the last minute; and the only available sub was a player with crafty skills honed over many years, Rich Tribiano, so one team consisted of two “professionals,” and guess who won? Rich T and partner Bill Laprade came in first. Leslye Bergan and Doug Lockhart were second, and Monte Underwood and Mike Glenn finished third.

Top Finishers: Monte Underwood, Mike Glenn, Doug Lockhart, Leslye Bergan, Rich Tribiano, Bill Laprade

Most important, an absolute crowd of petanque enthusiasts filled the six standard courts as well as three temporary courts on loan from the Seattle Petanque Club. Thank you, Seattle Petanque! And Thank You to ALL THE VOLUNTEERS who supported the tournament from beginning to end. Every game provided a chance for experienced players to share tips on form and strategy with their partners. The Edmonds Playfield itself was full of guests; so many passers-by stopped to ask about the game. Thanks, too, to club members who were not playing but who stopped by to cheer on the games. These included Don Bothell, Ron Trompeter, Larry Thomas, Ann Swan, Howard Heflin, Nicole Gaba, and many others. By the end of the day, Nicole had even produced a short video that captured the spirit of the day. Enjoy!

Video by Nicole Gaba

Photos by Ron LaRue and Howard Heflin