On Saturday, October 21, members of the EPC and the Port Townsend Petanque Alliance made history as they faced off in the first-ever Cross-Sound competition between the two clubs. The all-day event matched 12 players from each club in multiple contests: triples, doubles, singles, as well as pointing and shooting contests. The event was conceived and organized wonderfully by Ro Verdeja and Bill Laprade from the Edmonds Petanque Club and Tom Challinor from Port Townsend. It was Tom who got the day started with a welcoming speech to all participants that stressed the values of friendship and community that underpin the head-to-head competitions.

The Cross Sound Cup

After the first round of four triples matches, the clubs were locked in a tie. Two games for Edmonds, two for Port Townsend. Then in the six doubles matches, the tide turned against the Edmonds side. Though three of the six matches came down to the final end and were taken by only one point, it was a complete sweep of the doubles for Port Townsend. The EPC put up a good fight (though Bob and Jack were fannied by Silas and Rhonda); but it was to no avail. At the lunch break, Port Townsend had collected 8 points to the EPC’s 2.

The Edmonds Petanque Club Team. Back: Ro, Keogh, Jeff, Rich, Michelle, Bob, Jacques, Bill, Joan, Rich. Front: Paul, La, Tu, Jack

After lunch, the focus shifted to singles matches. In two rounds of six matches, all 12 players competed against an assigned opponent from the other side. The final outcome was respectable for the EPC, though Port Townsend won the majority of the doubles matches, taking 7 of the 12 competitions. Shooting and pointing contests finished the day and netted the final tally of the first Cross Sound Cup: Port Townsend 16.5 points. Edmonds Petanque Club, 7.5 points. Congratulations to the Port Townsend Petanque Alliance! The EPC looks forward to meeting you again in the 2024 contest.

The winning Port Townsend team hoists its trophy
Arbitre Cris Dreher hard at work. (Notice Cris’ fine technique with his towel)
The Edmonds team enjoyed great support from its fans. Ron LaRue and Joanie Neuhaus cheered on their side, while trying to stay warm.

Photos by Howard Heflin