On Friday, June 23, the Edmonds Civic Playfield was officially opened in a grand ceremony featuring Edmonds Mayor Nelson and Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Director Angie Feser. The new 6-court Petanque Grove is sited at the entry to the park and served as a focal point for park visitors throughout Opening Day.

Several hours before the official ceremony began at 4pm, EPC members were out testing the new courts. They are brand new and somewhat soft (or “swampy” as club veteran Jim Klein is wont to say); but already they are completely playable and will only improve with time. The courts are wonderful!

Official events wrapped up at 6pm on Friday, but EPC members and newly interested players continued to roll boules until 8:30 on Friday’s warm, summer evening. The day was a spectacular event for the City of Edmonds and marked a new chapter in the history of the Edmonds Petanque Club. Thanks to EVERYONE who contributed to the development of the new petanque venue over the last six years of planning and development. Attention now turns to the Annual Bastille Day Tournament that will take place at the new playfield on July 16.