In January 2023, a sub-committee of the Edmonds Petanque Club Board met to reconsider the club’s existing mission statement, which had been in place since the club’s founding in 2011.

After a drafting and revision process, the Board voted unanimously to adopt the new mission statement, which appears below. Central to this process was the desire to articulate the fundamental, positive purpose of the club as directly as possible, and to support the new mission statement with a vision statement and set of guiding principles that will allow the club to accomplish its goal.

The Board invites you to read and consider the new mission and vision statements and the club’s guiding principles. Please share any thoughts you may have with the Board by sending a note to

Edmonds Petanque Club Mission and Vision Statements and Guiding Principles 

Updated March 2023 and approved by the Board


To support people to play the game of pétanque at all levels.


To be a leading pétanque club in the Pacific Northwest with a thriving community of players.


  • All players, all levels: We welcome people of any age, gender, race, nationality, and those with disabilities to play the game of pétanque. We create opportunities that bring people together to learn the game, build skills, and engage in casual and competitive play.
  • Friendship and fun: We cultivate camaraderie, inclusion and good sportsmanship. We have fun on and off the court. 
  • Community: We give back to our local community through fundraising and free activities that introduce people to pétanque. As members of the global petanque community, we celebrate France, where the game originated, and French culture.
  • Value to members: We keep members at the center of our club and strive to continuously enhance the value we deliver.
  • Growth and sustainability: We ensure prosperity of the club through strategic growth and prudent financial stewardship.