In the year 2022, the Edmonds Petanque Club was itinerant, carrying boules, circles, and cochonnets from one petanque venue to another while our new Petanque Grove was being constructed at the Edmonds Playfield. Sierra Park in Edmonds was convenient, but play happened on a softball field, sloping and dusty, pretty much always. If the moon and tides were favorable, groups met at low tide on the beach near the ferry. This was excellent, but high tide persistently interfered. Then club players discovered Hubbard Homestead Park near Northgate. The terrain was ideal. Parking in the Target lot was convenient; but restrooms were not to be found. Northgate was perfect….almost….except it was not. Great rivalries sprang up on WhatsApp. “Let’s play at Northgate; No, I’m closer to Sierra.”

It was the stuff of ballads, or at least of “a” ballad; and that is what you have here: “The Ballad of Northgate and Sierra” (sung to the tune of “Guantanamera.”) The tune is timeless. The lyrics are not; and we hope that in a matter of two months, Edmonds Petanque will be able to return “home to the place we belong” as the song goes. Here is “The Ballad of Northgate and Sierra” as performed by Ro Verdeja at the EPC Annual Meeting in January of 2023:

The Ballad of Northgate and Sierra (To the tune of “Guantanamera”)

Lyrics by: Jack McHenry & Ro Verdeja

EPC annual meeting, Innis Arden Clubhouse

Jan 8th, 2023 (Watch the video: x

In Edmonds we play at boules

Whether sun, rain, it is cool

We’ve even played in the ice

No problem, all boules are nice

This game is all that you want

Life is a game of pentanque


Guajira Guantanamera


Guajira Guantanamera

At low tide we play the sand

Right where the strand meets the ferry

On WhatsApp Ron calling Larry

“Come down to play with the band

Hey, what could be more important?”

Life is a game of petanque


Guajira Guantanamera


Guajira Guantanamera

Was time to build the new field

We didn’t know where we’d go

We knew that we’d have to yield

Just needed somewhere to throw

And so the powers of Edmonds

Decided where we would go

We got Sierra,

Dirty, dusty old Sierra.

Not crazy about Sierra.

It’s not our favorite tierra!

Yo soy un hombre sincero.

This ground ay! Yo no lo quiero

When I am dirty I get qualmas

I keep the dirt off my palmas.

And one thing I really hate:

It’s rolling boules over homeplate!

I don’t like Sierra

It’s just a bad piece of tierra

But Angie gave us Sierra

And I don’t think it’s been fair-a

And one day out of the blue

A new terrain came in play

They call it Hubbart Northgate

With perfect gravel and boules

Ok, fine, there’s no toilet

(But) that doesn’t really spoil it


Guajira Guantanamera


Guajira Guantanamera

But in the spring this will change

No fight for Northgate or Sierra

Won’t have to choose where to play

A new playfield is our tierra

And now with so many new courts

We’ll play the game that we love

We’ve got a tierra

Our very own special tierra

Come play I dare ya

In April we will be there-a


Guajira Guantanamera


Guajira Guantanamera