On Monday, September 26, Ron LaRue, Michelle Martin, Jack McHenry, and Ro Verdeja visited the Edmonds Food Bank to present Executive Director Casey Davis this year’s donation from the club as a result of the 2022 Food Bank Tournament.

The grand total came to $10,000, including funds donated from Edmonds businesses, club members, friends of the club, and the proceeds from the tournament itself.

This raises the cumulative total of funds donated by the Club to the Edmonds Food Bank since 2011 to $63,633.00!

The gift was substantial, which is why it called for an especially large check (see photo), which Michelle and Jack produced at Michelle’s kitchen table. The main problem is managing the checkbook needed to contain a check of this size.

Thanks to EVERYONE involved with this year’s tournament for helping the club reach this new level of success on a very worthwhile project. Casey Davis, Director, could not have been more pleased with our results. She only regrets that she did not finish as one of the winners in this year’s panache!