What is the definition of “panache”? I’m glad you asked! The word designates “a grand or flamboyant style, verve, or flair.” And that is exactly what took place at Sierra Park on Saturday, August 27. During the day-long event, 48 competitors from Edmonds, Seattle, and Port Townsend faced off with style, verve, AND flair to raise money for the important work of the Edmonds Food Bank. In petanque terms, the tournament structure was a “panache” that randomly paired players with a new teammate against randomly chosen new opponents in each of four matches. The result is that everyone had a chance to meet as many other players as possible; and EVERYONE played with style!







At the end of the day, two players TIED for the highest number of wins and accumulated points. Chris Dreher of the Seattle Petanque Club and Ro Verdeja of the Edmonds Petanque Club each won four matches and chalked up 29 points in the process. Chris and Ro happily shared the first and second prizes. Tu Hoang of the Edmonds club took the third place medal as well as winning the day’s shooting contest in an extended bout with Greg Conyers of Edmonds. Tu hit his shots with quiet confidence and not once had to resort to buying back into the contest, as had many players. (A buy-in not only allowed players to continue shooting for the small price of $5.00 for two extra boules but served as a further means of collecting funds for the Food Bank.) Tu is the outstanding shooter of 2022.







As a result of donations from club members, neighbors, friends, Edmonds businesses and merchants, as well as gate receipts from the tournament itself, Edmonds Petanque Club will be able to contribute $10,000 in 2022 to the work of the Food Bank. This brings the total of club donations since the Food Bank Tournament’s inception to $63,633.00. This event is produced by the petanque club in memory of Dick VanHollebeke, early club member and source of the inspiration to partner with the Food Bank. Dick would be proud of this year’s “panache” spirit and the outstanding result of everyone’s efforts.










David Rockwell (center) congratulates Tu Hoang and Greg Conyers, our best shooters in 2022












Ro Verdeja accepts his first place medal and prizes from Jack McHenry. Ro and Chris Dreher shared the honors in an unusual tournament tie for first place.



Chris Dreher demonstrates his winning form!