On February 26 and 27 Philippe Geraud of the Edmonds Petanque Club competed in two national tournaments held in Sandford, FL, by the Oh La La Petanque Club of Orlando. After two long days of petanque, Philippe returned to the PNW with a medal and cash prize in each event.

Philippe Geraud, Jeanne-Marie Browning, and Will Poire at the petanque court ready to play.

Philippe Geraud, Jeanne-Marie Browning, and Will Poire finished third in Nationals

On Saturday, February 26, Philippe was one of 28 competitors in the National Men’s Singles Petanque Tournament. One day later, on Sunday the 27th, Philippe partnered with Will Poire of Denver and Jeanne Marie Browning of Austin in the National Mixed Triples Tournament, which drew a field of 19 teams.

Philippe’s results were outstanding. Having arrived at his hotel at 2:00 am after the trip across country, Philippe was at the courts at 7:00 am to begin play at 8:00 am. Despite the lack of sleep, Philippe applied his skills well and finished in 2nd Place on the Consolante side of the singles competition. The next day, Philippe and his triples partners garnered 3rd Place in the Concours.

As Philippe shared in an email, “To me, competing at the national level offers an opportunity to see where I need to improve to be a better competitor. Every time I compete, I learn something new about my strengths/weaknesses and how to remedy them. It’s a learning process. I then try to incorporate what I learned during the tournament in my daily training and try to smooth out the rough edges.”Philippe, Edmonds Petanque is PROUD of you. Congratulations on both your results in Florida at the national tournaments!