While the “home field” of the Edmonds Petanque Club is under construction for the next 6-8 months, club members meet regularly at Sierra Park in Edmonds or at the Hubbard Homestead Park near Northgate. The two sites present challenges to beginner and expert players, and each has developed a following.
Pétanque player pointing

Sierra Park

At Sierra, boulistes manage the sloping sands of a softball infield. At Northgate, on crushed gravel the playing field is more level; but the challenge no less. Both sites allow the game to go on, and have required EPC players to adapt their play to new and different terrains.
Pétanque players throwing boules in a park

Hubbard Homestead park at Northgate

We look forward to returning to our new Petanque Grove when the playfield project is complete, but in the meantime, Sierra and Northgate are wonderful places to meet for a game of boules. For directions to each site, please check out the EPC website at www.edmondspetanqueclub.org