Jacques Maussenet and Brien Meilleur claimed top honors at the 2019 Edmonds Petanque League Tournament, which took place this spring at the Edmonds Civic Playfield. Meilleur and Maussenet amassed an extraordinary record during the five-week tournament, losing only two of the 22 matches they played. The winners demonstrated the superb skills required to prevail and could never relax, as competition this year was fierce. Edmonds’ Paul and Mari Dever finished a close second in the standings, falling only one point short of the winning duo. The team of Bob Mazelow and Jack McHenry, with Hugh Guthrie substituting when a knee injury forced Mazelow to withdraw, came in third. This is the sixth year the Edmonds Petanque Club has contested the Chris Guitton Trophy in league play, and the names of Maussenet and Meilleur will now be engraved beneath those of previous winners.

In celebration of the extended league play, 12 teams took part in a one-day tournament at the playfield on Saturday, June 22. Saturday’s one-day contest produced outstanding action and a chance to enjoy the friendships gained during the league season. In Saturday’s tourney, Greg Conyers and John Hunt, a member of the Seattle Petanque Club, finished in first place. Philippe Geraud and Jack McHenry came in second; and Mari and Paul Dever were third.