2021 Singles Ladder Begins

2021 Singles Ladder

January 18 – March 19, 2021


 Definition and Purpose

  • A petanque event involving 1 versus 1 play, referred to as the Ladder.
  • Offered to broaden the variety of games available to club members.
  • Intended to practice and hone pointing and shooting skills.
  • Open to all interested club members.


Ladder Process and Structure

  • The Ladder allows participants to challenge upward to improve their ranking and requires participants to defend their position from those ranked lower who challenge upward.
  • A player may challenge any of the players between one to three places above his or her position on the Ladder.
  • Initial player positions on the Ladder will be determined by drawing names of participants out of a hat and placing players’ names on the Ladder in the order they are drawn.
  • Players who wish to participate after the initial drawing will be added to the bottom of the Ladder and can begin challenging upward from there.
  • The Ladder is managed by the Ladder Coordinator who will circulate standings and communicate regarding the Ladder through daily emails.


Challenging Up the Ladder and Scheduling Games

  • Challenge matches may be scheduled at any time of the day on any day of the week except during posted EPC meeting times (Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons, Wednesday afternoons).
  • A player wishing to challenge will contact an opponent higher on the Ladder to arrange a match.
  • A challenge may be communicated in person, by text, or by email.
  • After a challenge has been made, the player receiving a challenge must respond to the challenger within 24 hours. If a challenge receives no response within 24 hours, the challenge is voided.
  • The challenged player must afford the challenging player five (5) days within which to play a challenge match after a challenge has been issued.
  • If both players wish, a match may be played on the same day that the challenge is communicated.
  • A match may not be played later than five (5) days after a challenge has been communicated.
  • If a challenged player is unable to provide any time to play within five (5) days of the challenge, the player will forfeit the match.
  • In the case of a forfeit, the challenging player will occupy the higher position on the Ladder.
  • The player who forfeits will occupy the lower position of the player who had placed the challenge
  • If two players both offer time and date suggestions for a match but are unable to determine a mutually acceptable time to play their challenge match within five days of a challenge being issued because of scheduling issues, the failure to schedule the challenge match will not be considered the fault of either player. Their Ladder rankings will be maintained; and the challenge will be dropped.
  • A player who has already received a challenge from a player lower on the Ladder must first meet that challenge and report the result to the Ladder coordinator before issuing his or her own challenge to players ahead on the Ladder.
  • A player who has just lost a challenge match must wait 72 hours (3 days) before challenging the same player again. A player who has lost a challenge may, however, immediately challenge other players who stand one to three places higher on the ladder.
  • A player may only be involved in one challenge at a time.


Playing and Reporting Challenge Matches

  • Ladder challenge games will be played to 13 points, following FPUSA and EPC rules, using three boules per player.
  • A match outcome is determined when one player wins two games out of three.
  • A player who wins a challenge against an opponent higher on the Ladder will exchange positions with that player. The previously higher ranked player will then occupy the position of the player who successfully challenged.
  • All matches should be reported to the Ladder coordinator, whether a challenge was successful or not. Please use the EPC Gmail account: edmondspetanque@gmail.com.
  • Players have the responsibility of reporting their challenge match outcome to the Ladder Coordinator using email by 6pm of the day on which the match took place.
  • Results of all challenge matches will be recorded by the Ladder Coordinator, who will share the standings with participants daily.
  • Any measurements or judgements needing adjudication will be resolved by the two players themselves. Since no arbitre will be present during a ladder match, it is the responsibility of the two participants to resolve any other sort of dispute between themselves.
  • The success of the Ladder depends on the good sportsmanship and mutual respect of all participants.


Summary of Key Points

  • Ladder dates have changed this year: January 18 to March 19
  • Participants are to observe all Covid-19 safety protocols, including the need to wear a mask at all times at the courts, social distancing of at least 6 ft, and taking care not to touch anyone’s equipment other than their own.
  • It is not necessary to wait for the results bulletin before lodging a new challenge. It is possible, for instance, to lodge a challenge with a player while at the courts, without having to wait for the next results bulletin.
  • If a player has already challenged or received a challenge, that player must play the first challenge before accepting or issuing a subsequent challenge.
  • A player may be involved in only one challenge at a time.
  • Challenges must be played within five (5) days of being issued.
  • No Ladder matches may be played during times reserved for Casual Club Games.
  • All Ladder results must be reported by 6pm. A daily results bulletin will be emailed to all participants with the results of each day’s play by 9pm.
  • A player may not “reserve” a challenge that becomes effective at the conclusion of a pending match. In the case of such a request, the answer to give is: “I cannot accept your challenge yet. I need to finish this challenge match first.”
  • Players may ask any one or more of those occupying the three next highest ladder rungs if they are available to play without actually challenging them.  Such an inquiry should make clear that no official challenge is being issued.  Such a request does not reserve the right to a player’s next challenge. A player who receives such an inquiry remains free to accept a challenge from another player. A subsequent official challenge from another player will take precedent over this sort of “inquiry.” The purpose of allowing such inquiries is simply to allow players higher on the ladder to know that a player lower on the ladder would like to play a match and is interested. In the end, it remains the player who officially contacts another player first who will secure the right to play the next match.
  • A match is to be played within five days after the challenge is accepted. If both players agree to cancel the challenge before five days, however, the challenge may be abandoned without any change in standings. This may happen if both players determine that a convenient time and date are just not available.



Spring League a success despite Covid-19 restrictions

The 7th annual Edmonds Petanque Club Spring Doubles league was held late this year due to the Pandemic.  There was still a strong turnout with 12 teams competing for the Chris Guitton Cup.  Social distancing and other changes to reduce possible virus transmission were put into place to protect the participants.

The competition was intense with the winners-Paul and Mari Dever coming in 1 point ahead of the 2nd place team of Greg Conyers and John Hunt.  Last year’s winners, Brien Meilleur and Jacques Maussenet came in 3rd Place.

It is notable that Mari Dever is the first woman’s name to be engraved on the Cup

Record number of participants celebrate Bastille Day 2019

Edmonds Petanque Celebrates Bastille Day


The Edmonds Petanque Club and guests celebrated French Independence Day on July 14 by taking part in the 7th Annual Bastille Day Petanque Tournament at the Edmonds Civic Playfield. A record 56 players filled the courts to test each other’s skills in the game of petanque and make new friends in this open-format tournament that is designed to welcome newcomers to the game.


After players had completed four games with randomly assigned partners over the course of the day, tournament directors tallied all scores and calculated this year’s winners. Tom Nunn of Edmonds took top honors by winning all four games and finishing with the highest cumulative score among all players. Edmonds Petanque Club President Michelle Martin showed her skills by finishing in second place; and Port Townsend ace Silas Holm came in third.


The Edmonds Petanque Club wishes to extend an appreciative “Thank You!” to all the sponsors of this year’s tournament. Their support adds encouragement and excitement to everyone’s play and allows the club to continue this worthwhile event in support of the Edmonds community. This year’s sponsors included Arista Wine Cellar, Arnie’s Restaurant, Cafe Louvre, Edmonds Theatre, Engel’s Pub, The French American Chamber of Commerce, Housewares Edmonds, Lagunitas Brewery, Pancake Haus, Panera, Petanque America, Red Twig Cafe, Rick Steves Travel, and The Walnut Street Café. At the end of the day, as one visitor proclaimed, “This was one heck of a party!” Without question the day’s success is due to the hard work of over 20 volunteers who pitched in to erect canopies and tables, prepare the courts, and organize the day. Thank you volunteers!

Queens of Petanque

Ladies, grab your boules and play with your female friends on Thursdays at 6 PM starting June 13 through Labor day.  No need to be a member or have your own boules as the club can provide them.  It’s a great way to be introduced to the game and gain new friends!


May 19  National Mens & Womens Singles  Portland Petanque Club, Portland, OR

May 20 National Mixed Triples  Portland Petanque Club, Portland, OR

June 23-24 Walla Walla Wine Country Open.  Format:  Select Doubles.  Contact (509) 525-5700

August 11  NW Regional Mixed Triples  Portland Petanque Club, Portland, OR

August 12  NW Regional Mens & Womens Triples  Portland Petanque Club, Portland, OR

August 25-26  Womens Triples World Championship Qualifier  Port Townsend Petanque Alliance, Port Townsend, WA

Annual Spring Petanque League

2018 Edmonds Petanque Club Champions


On Saturday, June 2, at the Edmonds Civic Playfield, Edmonds Petanque Club members celebrated this year’s league champions. After five intense weeks of league play, the winning team of Ed Cornachio and David Rockwell secured the Chris Guitton Cup, awarded to the top doubles team in yearly league play. David Rockwell has now secured highest honors in four of the past five years. Three times with his previous partner Scott Bernhard and this year with Ed Cornachio, David has demonstrated his outstanding skill at this challenging game. Ed Cornachio is hardly a newcomer to the sport, but this was Ed’s first trip to the winners’ podium. When congratulated on the outcome, Ed responded with a twinkle, “Thank you, but you should expect nothing less from an 88 year-old Italian-American!” Second place honors went to the all-French team of club members Brien Meilleur and Jacques Maussenet. Bronze medals were awarded to third place finishers Paul Dever and Forest Hertlein.


Saturday’s events also included a one-day tournament among the teams who had competed in the cup competition. In this event, Paul Dever and Forest Hertlein upset the league’s top finishers to emerge as champions of the one-day tournament. Second place honors went to Karen Crabb and Jim Klein, while Ed Cornachio and David Rockwell finished in third. Saturday’s day-long event culminated the club’s league play and recognized all participants as well as winning medalists. The day also allowed club members simply to enjoy each other’s company on a beautiful day at the petanque courts.



Ed C. and David R. EPC League winners 2018
Forest H and Paul D
League Tournament 1st place


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